Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Today was our first day of school. The girls were so excited when they got up this morning and saw their stuff out on the table. They didn't even want to eat breakfast before getting started. We started making an All About Me book. They decorated a person to look like themselves, drew their family, wrote their name, and made their handprints. We read some books about liking ourselves and that it's okay to be different. Colin also did history. We talked about what history is and how we find out about history. He started making a timeline of his life. When he was adding his sisters' births to it, he said that was the best thing that had happened in his life. Isn't he sweet? Caleigh got to pick dinner since it's her first day of kindergarten. She chose tacos and I made some chocolate cookies for a special dessert. At dinner, Molly told Daddy that they had pretend school today and didn't even have to go very far.



Tomorrow we will finish the All About Me books and add some more subjects. We'll do some review work for math, spelling, and cursive.

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