Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Week with Vikings and a Surprise

It was hard for me to get back into school after having a week off, especially knowing that we'll be off for another week next week. The kids did pretty well with it though.

We spent this week learning about Vikings. We read from Story of the World: Volume 2 about Vikings coming from Scandinavia to invade France, Eric the Red and his son, Leif, and the Norse gods.
Some other books we read were Hiccup: The Seasick Viking, What a Viking!, Viking World, Leif's SagaViking Ships at SunriseAdventures with the Vikings, and Yo, Vikings. Of the Scandinavian countries, we mostly concentrated on Norway because we'll be getting the chance to explore it more next week.

The kids made their own little Vikings.

We also made Viking longships. We combined the instructions in SOTW activity guide with these, an idea I got here.

Molly coloring the pictures for the ship

Caleigh gluing on strips of paper

Notebook pages (mini-books from Homeschool Share)

Questions and a map of to label, flag of Norway, adjectives describing Vikings, a Viking longship to label.
I left the blank space to add a picture of the boats the kids made.

Colin and his FIRST Lego League team spent some time getting ready for their regional tournament tomorrow. They met to practice their skit, possible questions the judges will ask, and robot runs.

We also gave the kids an early Christmas surprise.

Chad made this pizza while I was running around trying to get all the stuff together.

The brownies wouldn't cut without falling apart so this is what he made.

The present

Opening the present

Disney shirts, toys, glow sticks, trading pins, etc.

And in the bottom Disney World tickets

Colin immediately ran to his room, where he pulled maps from our last trip out of his drawer so he could start planning.

Now I have to get back to packing because we're leaving tomorrow right after Colin's FIRST Lego League tournament.

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Bright Sky Mom said...

Disney -- how exciting for the kids! Love your surprise presentation!!

Carrie Thompson said...

THat is AWESOME! I am totally jealose! Dont miss the tree lighting!!!! Oh and FAST PASS is your friend!

Have an awesome time!

kim said...

I love your all your viking projects. Those Viking boats are wonderful!

WildIris said...

Wow! I like those viking crafts. I wish I did more of that here at my house. I like the notebook too.

kewkew said...

What a special present and a great way to surprise them. Hope you have a great time.

Angela said...

The viking crafts are really cute. It looks like they put a lot of work into those.

Mandy in TN said...

Great Viking notebook page and that was one heck of an early Christmas present!

Robyn said...

Your viking week looked great! What a fun present!

Susan Evans said...

After watching the Narnia movie "Voyage of the Dawn Treader," I was thinking of my kids making a Viking ship. Your ships look fun to make, and they look just like the movie!