Monday, September 9, 2013

Week of September 2, 2013

We had our first 3 days of school for the new year this week. I wish I had gotten more time to plan and get everything organized. I feel like I'm barely staying one step ahead of the three of them. My 7 month old didn't nap at all during those three days and has been very clingy to me. I've added a high chair, an exersaucer, and some toys to the school room for her. We think she's getting her first tooth. Hopefully after that we can get her napping so we can all get into a better routine.

On Monday, we went to the North West Company Fur Post. We went on a tour led by a reenactor and learned a lot about life at the fur trading post in 1804. It was a really good field trip.

Public school started here on Tuesday so we took the day to celebrate not going to school. We went ice skating and out for lunch.

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Watching the big kids skate

Wednesday was our first official day of our new school year.

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All Together

We continued with Prairie Primer, which we've been using for the last several months. Right now we're reading The Little Town on the Prairie.
We did the first chapter of Story of the World: Volume 4.

8th Grade

Colin did the last module of Apologia General Science. He started doing VideoText Algebra. He also did logic, grammar, writing, typing, and vocabulary. I had him start watching CNN Student News to learn more about current events.

5th & 3rd Grades

Both girls had already started their new math books before summer break so we did some review work. They did some handwriting practice (cursive for Caleigh and printing for Molly). They started new grammar and writing books. They also reviewed phonograms, spelling rules, and took a placement test.

Today, Sunday, we went to a family picnic with one of our homeschool groups. The girls had a great time climbing trees and playing with Sophie. Colin loved getting right in the middle of a big gang of kids running around playing. I didn't get any pictures, probably because I was too busy talking.

This evening we went bowling. It's been a long time since we've gone. The girls played 2 games without any complaint so I guess they've gotten big enough that it doesn't tire them out as much.

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Dawn said...

It sounds like you all are off to a great start to me. We loved using Prairie Primer last year. The kids really enjoyed it.
Blessings, Dawn

Phyllis said...

You got a lot accomplished for a short to a great start.