Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 3 Review

Last week, we all learned about the five senses. We made popcorn while talking about how we can use all the senses with it. We also did taste tests for sweet (sugar), salty (salt), bitter (unsweetened cocoa), and sour (lemon juice). Of course, all of them liked the sweet and sour. We did a touch and feel game with each of them describing the things they felt. Colin learned about the parts of the eye and ear and how each of them work.

Colin studied Egyptians, the Nile River, and the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt.

I finished introducing all the cursive letters to Colin. He really likes it and wants to write in cursive all the time now. His cursive actually looks much better than his printing. We're working on how to connect all of the letters now. Caleigh has been writing her letters for a long time, but she does it her own way. I had thought about starting her with cursive, but haven't decided for sure yet. For now, I'm just showing her how to make the lowercase letter as we introduce that phonogram. I made her a salt box and she just loves making her letters in it. So does Molly, but she ends up spilling it.

We went to KY for a birthday party over the weekend so on Friday, we took a detour and went to the WNC Nature Center. The kids had a good time walking around looking at the animals. They had a table full of stuff you could touch and a man who worked there was showing the stuff to the girls. He would tell them what it was, let them touch it, and talk a little about it. I wish I had gotten a picture of Molly's face when he was showing them a wasp nest. She was reaching to touch it just as said what it was and she pulled her hand back quickly and started backing away. She wouldn't touch shedded snake's skin either. She and Caleigh did touch a turtle's legs. C and C touched a live snake. The girls also fed goats at my SIL's house.

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