Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cookie Dough Roman Pillars

In the activity guide for Story of the World, one of the suggested activities is to make Roman pillars from sugar cookie dough. I was getting out ingredients when I noticed that I had a package of cookie dough mix so I got that down instead. Apparently we don't make sugar cookies very often though because once I had it mixed up, I noticed that it said "best if used by November 2009." It was already mixed so I just told the kids it was old and they might not want to eat it. I think they all had to try a little anyway.

Colin wasn't interested in making the shapes for some reason, but the girls were very excited to play with dough. They started out doing pretty well.

But it soon started getting messy. I did get the pieces in the oven before it happened though.

The girls did say they were making volcanoes and I heard them talking about it erupting and covering Pompeii. I guess messes are okay if they're going to discuss what we're studying at the same time.

Finished product.

Since I had told them not to eat it, they decided to use Playmobil people as Barbarians and destroy it.

I'm not sure if the real Barbarians even did this much damage though.

After that, Colin lost interest, but the girls decided to crush the cookies so that they looked like sand.

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Mandy in TN said...

How fun! We may have to do this- including the destruction. LOL