Thursday, September 9, 2010

Olympic Fun

We're studying ancient Greece this week so we took a day to study the Olympics.

I used pepperoni to make the shape of the Olympic rings on a pizza for dinner, but it was hard to see the shape after it was baked. Here's the cake the kids decorated though.

M&Ms used to make the rings

We had our own Olympic games in the backyard.

Girls with our Olympic torch

Molly passing off the torch
Caleigh passing off the torch

Some events we did: javelin throw, discus throw, races, long jump, dart throw, and shot put.

Then it was time for the medals.

Olympic torch and medals.


MissMOE said...

I love all the activities you fit in throughout the week. What a wonderful way to make learning come to life.

Marbel said...

Such fun! I have fond memories of studying ancient Greece and the Olympics with my kids. Wow, it was 6 years ago!