Saturday, January 15, 2011

Caleigh's 8th Birthday

My little girl is 8 today!

She asked for a sing-a-ma-jig cake.

I used one of hers to choose the colors.

She picked Olive Garden for lunch.

Opening Presents (I was able to bring most of her presents with us, but she'll have 2 to open tomorrow when we get home. One was too big and the other is heavy.)

Ordering pizza was all she had asked to do before she knew we were going on a trip so she got pizza for dinner (yes for the 2nd time today). She picked Littlest Pet Shop plates, napkins, and cups.

Caleigh wasn't sure what she wanted to do for her birthday when we asked her. So I just planned a surprise weekend. They knew we were going somewhere on Friday (the day before her birthday), but they thought it was close to home. We secretly packed their clothes, swimming stuff, the presents, and the cake without them noticing. We went to Ripley's Aquarium. Once we left there, we drove to the hotel and told the kids we were spending 2 nights. From the parking lot, they could see part of the indoor waterpark so they were excited about that. The hotel is right on the beach and we have a view of the ocean. It's too cold to do more than walk on the beach, but Caleigh's favorite thing about the beach is collecting shells so she was happy.
I'll be posting more pictures soon of the aquarium, beach, and waterpark.

Adding in a picture of Caleigh with her new bike she received when we got home.


Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday!
My son would have pizza twice a day every day, if we would let him!
The cake was beautiful!!

thecurryseven said...

What a great cake! It looks as though your daughter has a wonderful birthday.

Stopping by from the Hop

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Hoppin' in! Happy 8th birthday, Carleigh! Love your cake!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! Found your blog on the Hop list, and I am a new follower :)