Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's that time of year when I try to evaluate whether homeschooling is still the best choice for our family and for each of my kids. I am also researching curriculum for next year and trying to figure out what changes we should make. It's the time when I find that I second guess myself and worry that it's not enough.

Today we were reading books when Molly noticed through the window some kids who live down the street walking home from the school bus. She was so funny and said, "I can't believe they make kids go to school in the rain." Then she asked why they didn't just stay home like she does. I told her most kids have to go to school and she said, "I guess we're just lucky." I said, "Yes, we are."  I love that girl and I never know how she knows just when I need a little enouragement.


Alli said...

How precious!! I have been doing the re-evaluating too, so often think, am I doing the right thing? And just as often I'm reminded of why we chose this and how great it is. Not easy, but great.

The Butterfields said...

I didn't even wait for next year. Some of our curriculum just wasn't working this year. I decided why wait, we will switch now. I am so glad I did. Things are going so much better.

Adrienne said...

Oh, I am in the same place mentally. I often wonder if I'm giving my kids enough. I think your daughter is right! :)