Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's Day

Since we weren't home on Friday, we celebrated April Fool's Day on Saturday.

         Fried Egg (peach half with vanilla yogurt)

Caleigh has never allowed an egg to pass her lips so she looked at me like I was crazy when she found this waiting for her.

       Grilled cheese sandwich (sliced pound cake toasted in the oven with orange icing in the middle)

Molly said it was the best grilled cheese sandwich she ever had.

         Red juice (jello with a straw in cup)

The girls kept playing little tricks all day. One of the things they did to Colin's and our bed was put the pillows at the bottom and they thought it was so funny. While they were in the shower, Chad and Colin rearranged their room so that everything was on the opposite side from before.
Here they are coming into their room and seeing the bed on the opposite wall.

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