Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leonardo da Vinci

In history, we started learning about the Renaissance last week. We haven't gotten to art this year as much as I'd have liked so this week we studied Leonardo da Vinci.
We read a lot of books. Here are some of the them:
Leonardo's Horse
Who Stole Mona Lisa?
Katie and the Mona Lisa
Monday with a Mad Genius
Uh-Oh, Leonardo
Leonardo and the Flying Boy
Da Vinci by Mike Venezia
Leonardo da Vinci by Diane Stanley

One of the suggestions in Discovering Great Artists is to draw and write notes for inventions like Leonardo did.
Colin's was hard to see in a picture. He had a breakfast maker that would make a bowl of cereal with milk and some bacon for you. Another of his ideas was spring shoes and he drew all the different parts.

These are the girls' invention drawings.
The top is Molly's. It's a flying car, a flying bed, and wings so people can fly. We'd just read about da Vinci's flying machine.
The bottom is Caleigh's. It's a monorail to take you into outer space.

Caleigh found a box to make her space monorail.

This is from the inside, where she drew pictures of planets. She poked holes in the top part so light could come through and be like stars shining.


The kids made horses from clay like Leonardo would have before making his statue.

Front to back: Colin, Caleigh, Molly

Colin's notebook pages with mini-books from here.

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Mary said...

This looks like a great unit. One day I hope to tackle art/artists on a regular basis. It is seriously lacking in our homeschool.