Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Week: D.C., Experiment Failure, and a Hockey Party

Another busy week here. We started the week in Washington, D.C. We went to the National Zoo on Sunday.


We spent Monday walking around visiting the museums and seeing the monuments. We rode the Metro for the first time and Molly said that was her favorite part.
Some of the things we saw: Capitol, Air and Space Museum, Museum of National History, Museum of American History, National Gallery of Art, Washington Monument, Old Post Office clock tower, and the Lincoln Memorial. My pedometer said we walked over 8 miles that day.

We got home really late that night so we took the next day off from school to run errands and get caught up.

In Chemistry, we read about energy molecules. Our experiment to find out which foods are starches didn't work out. None of the foods changed colors. When I looked at pictures online, I noticed that the tincture of iodine was a dark color. Ours was clear so I guess it has to be colored for it to work.

In Story of the World, we read about the Ottomans trying to expand to the west. We also read 3 chapters about Virginia in A History of US.

On Wednesday, I took Colin to roller hockey practice and he had biology class on Thursday.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Friday. I'll try to post those pictures tomorrow.

Today was the end of the season party for Colin's ice hockey team. They had laser tag and the kids all really liked that.


I made a cake with the team logo for the party.


Dawn said...

What an awesome week. How did you do all of those museums in one day?! I grew up in the National Gallery of Art since my parents worked there. Sometimes I miss living in the shadow of D.C. for a minute or two. Then I remember the traffic. My kids love the subway too.

Stefanie said...

Wonderful week!!! You picked a good time to go too D.C. Not too hot. The last time we went it was a billion degrees out. lol

Popping in from WWU

Interactive Homeschooling said...

Wonderful week! We have been wanting to plan a D.C. trip with the kids and have not done so yet. I hope we can next school year. The iodine needs to be the colored iodine. We did the experiment a few months back and it worked great. Successes and failures still teach lessons in science:) Visiting from WUHS!