Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our Week: 4/6-4/10

We had a good week. We had a couple cool days, but also some nice spring days. The kids were happy to get lots of time outside. Sophie seems to like going for walks in her stroller.

Everyone did their own regular school work. We continued reading The Little House on the Prairie. We also read some books about people moving west.

We visited Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America.

 photo DSC08742.jpg

Sophie was very interested in what was going on above her head as we walked through the tunnels.

 photo DSC08669-1.jpg

The kids have been seeing lots of animals in our yard. So far we've seen a rabbit, two deer, a raccoon, ducks, squirrels, and lots of birds. This week the kids saw these birds on our deck and these ducks in our yard. The girls are hoping to see some babies soon.

 photo DSC08651.jpg

 photo DSC08664.jpg

We went to a fun class with a homeschool group we recently joined. They learned about habitats, ecosystems, and made their own terrariums. I'm so happy they liked the class. As soon as Molly came out she asked me when there was another class they could go to. I've already signed them up for the next 3 months.

 photo DSC08755.jpg

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Dawn said...

Awesome week! How cool to have so much wild life in your backyard. I have Mall of America on my bucket list. THat seems strange to me since I don't like to shop. However, it seems like an amazing place.
Blessings, Dawn