Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Last 3 Weeks

We spent the last 2 weeks traveling.

Three weeks ago we did regular school and finished reading Little House on the Prairie. We also read lots of books about the states we were going to visit, marked them all on a map, and looked at the maps of each state.

We were gone for 13 days. We drove over 3000 miles and saw 8 other states besides the one where we live. We just moved to Minnesota in March and haven't seen very much of this side of the country so we decided to go on a road trip. We went through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota. Seven of those were new states for us. Some highlights of what we saw were Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Mount Rushmore. It was an awesome trip. We loved seeing new places. My 4 month old even did really well. I'm sure she'd be happy to not have to see her car seat for a while though. I'll write more about the different places we saw soon.

 photo rockymts.jpg
Rocky Mountain National Park

Here is our approximate route:

 photo ES110ulo85.jpg

Below are the states Colin (13) and I have visited. Caleigh (10) has been to all of these except Michigan. Molly (8) has been to all of these except Michigan and Alabama.

 photo Colinstates2013.jpg

The map below shows the states Sophie has been to. She's quite a traveler for a 4 month old.

 photo sophiestates4mo.jpg


Phyllis said...

What an awesome trip you all must have had. I would love to do that. Did it cost you much?

Dawn said...

Awesome! What a wonderful trip. I can't wait to here more.
Blessings, Dawn

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! We love trips like that.
I am super jealous!

In 2010 we drove from TX to NY State and a few weeks ago we drove from TX to TN. Our country is GORGEOUS!

And no electronics in the car!

Sarah said...

It really wasn't that expensive. Really just gas, hotels, and food. With 6 of us, we do have to have larger hotel rooms. Luckily, lots of places we found had different set ups than the big name hotels and we found what we needed for a good deal. I stopped at grocery stores for snacks, some breakfasts, and a couple lunches. Our activities were really cheap. Entrance fees: $20 for 7 days at Rocky Mt Nat'l Park, $25 for 7 days at Yellowstone, $11 parking for the whole year at Mount Rushmore.