Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Week: Halloween, Worms, Butterflies, and Cinderella

I still haven't felt 100% this week so we've been slacking on a few things. Unfortunately, it's mostly the fun stuff that I end up leaving out.

The kids had trouble concentrating on Monday since it was Halloween and they couldn't stop asking how much longer until they could go trick or treating. Colin thought it was horrible that I'd even make them do school on a holiday.


Three Rs

Since the kids can do some of this on their own and they're done in the morning before I'm too worn out, we've kept up with them pretty well.
Molly started adding 4 digit numbers using base 10 cards.
Caleigh has been working on finding the area of figures that aren't rectangles.
Colin is continuing to do well on his own with RightStart Geometry and to do Life of Fred once or twice a week.


We talked about the spread of slavery, tobacco, and Queen Nzinga of Angola. We discussed the difference between indentured servants and slaves.


I had planned to do a fun week to celebrate finishing the insect portion of Zoology 1. The girls painted wooden butterflies, but we didn't get to any of the other crafts. Our butterflies did come out this week, which was exciting for the kids.


I also made a quickly thrown together butterfly lunch. As we were coming downstairs for lunch, I asked Molly what she wanted and she requested a butterfly shaped PB&J sandwich.



Colin had his Biology class this week. They learned about cells and made their own out of jello and candy.
A worm composting class was going on at the nature center at the same time so the girls did that. They measured gummy worms, counted their segments, tasted them, compared them to real worms, felt the real worms, made a worm from clay and painted it, learning about composting, and went out searching for worms.



Everything Else

Last weekend I took the girls to see Phantom of the Lollipop while Colin was at one of his many hockey games. It was a really good show and we all enjoyed it. It was the girls's first time going to the symphony. The ghostbusters were in it and the girls got a picture with them and the car after the show.


Colin had his regular Monday and Wednesday hockey practices.
We had a playdate at a new park with friends.

We saw The Commedia Cinderella at the Children's Theater Friday. It was really funny and all the kids liked it.



Lisa said...

I just LOVE your butterfly sandwiches! What a cute idea! :-)
Isn't it wonderful when the butterflies emerge? We raised ours in the spring and the kids are already looking forward to doing them again next year.

You had such a busy and fun-filled week! How wonderful that you give your kids so many oppportunities to learn in a hands-on manner. Love it!

Have a great weekend.
Many blessings,

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! You got a lot accomplished for not feeling 100%! I hope we can accomplish as much this coming week! I'm feeling under the weather today.

Beautiful butterfly! LOVE the sandwiches! What a creative idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly sandwiches!

Lexi said...

We did the butterfly project too. My kids LOVED it and were so excited. They were so sad to let the butterflies go. We're going to have to do it again for them. Maybe even ladybugs too : )
Love the butterfly sandwiches. Those are so cute! Hope everyone starts feeling better at your house too! We had a sick week last week (and the week before too). Whew! It's no fun to be sick!

Marsha C said...

Looks like one awesome week!
Did you tell them that Halloween isn't a holiday lol
We did no schoolwork last Monday, busy with Hallween things. However, that did include making cake pops so she at least got in some home ec time.