Thursday, December 18, 2008

An update, finally

Well, we've been busy with Christmas activities and preparations. For school, we've been doing math, handwriting, spelling, phonics, and grammar daily. We've read quite a few Christmas books. Some of them are: Cranberry Christmas, The Tale of Three Trees, Mortimer's Christmas Manger, If you Take a Mouse to the Movies, The Story of the Three Wise Kings, The Little Drummer Boy, Madeline's Christmas, and Silver Packages.

The kids made these trees from ice cream cones and frosting.

We've been out looking at Christmas lights. We went to one house that had their lights synchronized with music you could listen to on the radio. One night we went to a park about an hour away that you can drive through to see the displays.

Wednesday, Chad took the day off work and went with us to a play at the Charlotte Children's Theatre. It was called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. We all really enjoyed it. The kids thought it was very funny.

Yesterday, I finally got a picture of the kids for our Christmas cards. I thought it would get easier now that they're older. I guess I was wrong. Getting three kids to all look the same direction without silly faces and everyone's eyes open is still difficult. Molly, who I can usually count on to pose anytime, didn't want to have her picture taken. This isn't one I'm using for our cards, but it makes me smile so I thought I'd post it.  A big smile from Caleigh when I'm taking pictures is rare.

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