Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What will I do with Molly?

I guess everyone has one child who does it. I should have known it would be Molly. She found some scissors today and cut her hair. It's not terribly noticeable so it could have been worse. She cut a good chunk out of one side though. Molly said she thought it was okay because it's her own hair. Here's what Caleigh brought me when she came to tell on Molly.

Caleigh actually came to tell me because Molly was chasing Caleigh trying to cut her hair too.

While I was trying to comb it and see how bad it was, Caleigh said she knew how to fix it. She said just put Molly in the bathtub because her hair always gets longer when you wash it.   I guess I'll be taking her for a haircut tomorrow or Friday to fix it. It was only in May that I was able to let her get her first real haircut. I hope they'll be able to do something to blend it in without having to cut it all as short as that section. 

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tiarali79 said...

Well we haven't experienced that one yet, but my kids are young, so I guess we'll wait and see... lol!

I only cut my hair once. I was three. No big deal...

I was to be the flowergirl in my aunt's wedding a week later :) I doubt my Mum was happy, but my hair was cut shortish and curled for the wedding, and it looked quite cute.