Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Colin's 11th Birthday and Hockey Party

I just can't believe it's already been eleven years since I became a mom. It seems like I was just watching him take his first steps, wondering if he'd ever sleep in his own room, being forced to go on adventures with him just like Dora, finding lines of matchbox cars all over the house, worrying about potty training, helping him learn to count, searching the house with him for clues that he would write in his Blues Clues notebook, teaching him the sounds of letters, holding his hand to cross the street. Now he's suddenly 11 years old.

Hockey player cake

Hockey stick cookies Colin helped make
Ice skates

Opening his acceptance letter for hockey camp


Michelle said...

Stopping by from the HIp Homeschool Hop! My oldest turns 11 in two weeks...I know exactly how you feel!

See Jamie blog said...

Time flies, doesn't it? The hockey-themed cookies & cake came out great!

Amie said...

Love your party ideas! My 9 year old is a huge hockey fan and has given up the opportunities to have parties so he can go to a Sharks game 2 years in a row. I'll have to try out those hockey stick cookies!
Amie-From the HHH