Tuesday, February 1, 2011

History Timeline

I spent a lot of time looking at timeline ideas. This is the first year the girls are doing a history curriculum and I thought it would help them understand better. Colin likes to look at it and see how everything lines up. I saw a lot that were kept in books, but I knew that I would forget if it was on a shelf and not add things to it. I wanted something we could add to as we went along instead of it already being finished. I decided to write the year on clothespins and hang them on a rope. I like the clothespins because they can be moved if needed. The spacing isn't exactly the same between each one. As it gets to times when more is going on, I have them spread apart farther. The space between them is always 100 years.

I had it in one continuous line, but it had to go over the door. The time in history we're studying right now was the part over the door so I decided to move it so the kids could see it better. Now I have 2 lines on one side of the wall. The top is B.C. and the bottom starts A.D. The part on the other side of the wall is still blank because we haven't studied it yet.

I bought these timeline figures, but I've actually been using free ones from the file section of this yahoo group more. I like them because they match up with Story of the World and they're more colorful.


Amie said...

We're doing SOTW too and I can't find a good timeline to make it fun. Thanks for the great idea!
Amie-From the HHH

Child Led Homeschool said...

What an awesome idea! I'm so stealing it when we start learning history!

EmmaSue said...

I love this idea. The last timeline we made was much larger and just took up so much space. Glad I came across this link it will help when we make our change back to textbook style schooling.


musicalmary said...

I would love to make a big timeline like this.... right now we use a timeline book with the figures from Sonlight that coincide with SOTW Volume 1, but I love this big visual idea you have. I think I'm new to your blog - I don't remember being here before, so now I'm following you!

musicalmary said...

oh -- stop and say hello!

Upstatemamma said...

That is a really neat timeline. We are using Story of the World this year but we haven't done the timeline. I read in the Well Trained Mind to do a timeline in the middle grades but I often think about doing it sooner. I'm going to have to look into those cool pictures. :)

CD Hunt said...

About how many clothes pins needed...please don't make me do the math ;)