Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Week: Marco Polo, Mars, and the Sniffles

We were a little slow getting started Monday, but I've been surprised by how well we've gotten back into school after all the interruptions from last week. The weekend was also busy. Colin had his birthday party last Friday. He had hockey games Saturday and Sunday. We went bowling with my sister on Sunday after his game. Then we went to a Super Bowl party Sunday evening. All of that and staying up late had the kids sleeping in some this week.

Molly giving five after she bowled

This week in history, we learned about Marco Polo and his travels to China. We also learned about the Forbidden City.
The kids followed the Silk Road through deserts, oases, the Yellow River, and finally arrived at the palace of Kublai Khan to trade for Chinese goods.

Reading the map to prepare to cross one of the deserts

Stopping for a drink in the desert

Crossing the Yellow River

Trading for gold, silver, ivory, silk, and exotic animals

We moved on to studying Mars in astronomy. We mostly just read from Exploring Creation with Astronomy this week. We discussed what they thought they would need to take with them if they were going to Mars. We'll read other books and do some activities next week.

We've been reading Valentine books and doing some crafts.

Colin had Robot Club and a roller hockey game this week. He also went to "stick and puck" at the ice rink for some practice on ice.

All three kids have a cold so we'll probably be staying home and resting up this weekend in hopes that they'll be better quickly. It's supposed to start warming up here so I'm looking forward to that and hoping they'll be able to get out and enjoy it some next week.


Shannon said...

I love the little China stations - the panda bears are a cute addition. :)

Kelly @ In Everything said...

we're doing astronomy as well... we just started the planets and will work through them one at a time.

Love how the kids acted out Marco Polo's travels... I like that Hands-on learning;)