Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Banana Muffins

Top: heart person PB sandwich
Left: bear PB&J
Right: Cheese tortilla love bug

Heart sucker made from candy canes

The kids decorated cupcakes one day

Cookies we made to share with friends at the park

Colin and Caleigh with their gift bags

Molly with gifts from her bag

One of our traditions is a nice dinner where everyone dresses up. We dim the lights and light candles. Colin dresses as a waiter and serves us. He thinks it's so fun and takes it very seriously.

Girls dressed up

Colin the waiter with the paper moustache he made
Colin serving drinks. He insists that we get juice that looks like it's in a wine bottle.



Sonita @ said...

Oh yummy-all we made was heart shaped waffles. I've been wanting to make some of those candy cane hearts but I'm so scared I'll mess them up and it will turn out VERY, VERY, VERY badly. hahaha
Coming over from the hop.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Looks like a great Valentine's Day! stopping by from HHH. Have a great day.

Joy said...

Looks like you all had an awesome Valentine's Day. loved all the goodies you made. Our homeschool group had a party and I totally forgot to take pictures! blessings!

Jamie said...

How cute and sweet.Looks like you all had a very nice Valentines day
Please come on over and follow our family blog.

Amy said...

Hi there!! I am here from the HH.

How cute is this!? Thanks for sharing the pictures. -- DEF some memories being made.

Can't wait to get to know you and your family! :o}

Robin said...

Great treats! They all look so yummy! Visiting from HHH (already a follower).

Jessica said...

I love the idea of dressing up for dinner! Growing up my mom always used the China, lit candles, and made our favorite foods for Valentine's dinner.
My goal is to do the same, but I may just have to add dressing up for the occasion!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Hurray for chocolate & strawberries! YUM