Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Week: Birthdays, Chemistry Experiments, and the Borrowers

We started the week with birthdays. Sunday was Caleigh's 9th birthday and Monday was my hubby's birthday.

Since Chad worked Monday, we did morning school as usual and then talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. in the afternoon. Molly wasn't happy about that because she thinks you should take birthdays off since we take the kids' off from school. She was even less happy when she saw kids out and realized public schools were off for the day.


On Monday, we took a little time to talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. We watched some parts of his speech. We also watched the video version of the book, Martin's Big Words, found here.

We read about Louis XIV, the Sun King of France.


The groups of elements we learned more about this week were metalloids and halogens.

I got each of the kids a container of silly putty. They formed it into a ball to see if it would bounce. They also pulled it apart slowly and then quickly to observe the differences.



They did an experiment with static. Molly rubbed a balloon on her head and then they put the balloon near some small pieces of Kleenex to see that it picked them up because of the static. Colin rubbed the balloon with a dryer sheet to get rid of the static.




We used eggs, vinegar, and toothpaste to do an experiment about fluoride.

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Colin had his biology class this week. They learned about frogs and brought home tadpoles for an experiment they're doing.

Everything Else

We had a great time going to see The Borrowers today at the Children's Theatre. Unfortunately, everyone else must have wanted to read the book before seeing the show too because I had to wait for it from the library. I got a notice that it was in today so we'll start reading it next week.

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We're going to have a very busy weekend. Colin has his regular ice hockey game, a roller hockey tournament, and he's been asked to fill in on an older team for a couple games. He'll end up playing either 6 or 7 games this weekend. We're also having a Smurfy birthday party for Caleigh.


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