Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Week in Review 1/9- 1/13

For some reason, I felt like I was struggling to get everything in this week. We had a few days that were really cloudy and seemed to make us all slow to get started. In the end though, we covered everything I had planned.

Three Rs

Nothing too exciting here. Everyone just continued on to the next thing. Caleigh did finish RightStart Math level C and started D.


This week in chemistry, we learned more about three groups of elements. We read about alkali metals, alkaline earths, and main group metals in Fizz, Bubble, and Flash and The Periodic Table: Elements with Style. When reading about the alkaline earths, we did an experiment with chlorophyll. The girls tore up spinach leaves and put them into a glass. I added some rubbing alcohol. Later we put a paper towel into the glass and watched as the green color went farther and farther up the paper towel.

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In The Story of the World, we read about Charles, the son of James I, becoming king and the mistakes he made that eventually led to him being beheaded. We read about Oliver Cromwell becoming the Lord Protector. The next section we read was about Charles II becoming king and the plague and fire that destroyed most of London.
We also read about Charles and Cromwell in A History of US.


Everything Else

We spent a fun afternoon playing with friends at the park.

Colin had two hockey practices. He's playing three games this weekend.

We're preparing to celebrate two birthdays in our house in the next few days. 


Lisa said...

What a fun and busy week! The experiment sounds like a lot of fun. I just love fun hands-on learning-- part of the wonderful blessing of homeschooling! :-)

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Dawn said...

I am glad you had a great week. Happy Learning.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Happy birthdays! I have 3 in about a month starting 2/13. I'm starting to plan! LOL

MissMOE said...

Looks like a full and enjoyable week!

Anonymous said...

Whenever we are busy, I always feel good knowing we did the basics. The science experiment looks fun! Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed visiting from the Hop.