Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Week: Ben Franklin, Chemical Reactions, and Rapunzel

Our week went pretty well. I'd really like us to get started earlier in the mornings though. The kids have been sleeping later and I've had to wake them sometimes. I need to just set a time to start every day. I get distracted by other things and don't realize it's getting so late. I know as the weather gets nicer, they're going to want to finish and get outside in the afternoons.


We did an experiment about chemical reactions that went with the chapter we read last week in RS4K.
Most of the things we mixed weren't too exciting, but here are a couple that bubbled.

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Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

We read about bases, acids, and pH.

In Colin's biology class, they're learning about the parts of a plant. This week, they dissected a flower to see the parts. 


History this week has been all about Benjamin Franklin. We read about him in A History of US and lots of other books. We're doing the Download 'n Go study. We've done days 1-4 and will finish the other day next week. All week I've had trouble getting the videos in it to work. My hubby tried everything to see what was the problem with my computer. I just saw that it's a problem with our internet company. Hopefully, they'll get it fixed soon and we can watch the videos we didn't get to see. I'll post more about our study once we finish it all.

Everything Else

We read books for Valentine's Day on Tuesday. We also had a special breakfast, lunch, and dinner to celebrate. Of course, there were some gifts too. I still need to get my pictures uploaded and post about the day.

Today we got to see Rapunzel at the children's theater. It's one of the girls' favorite movies so they really enjoyed it, and so did Colin and I. I'm sad that it's our last play for this school year. We've been to five there this year and they've all been really good.

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We've had some really good weather this week except for yesterday when it rained all day. The kids have liked being able to play outside.
I'm working on the Couch to 5k program. I've finished week 3. I haven't run since high school so it's taking a lot of work. The girls are loving this extra time on the trails in our neighborhood.

Colin has a hockey tournament with games on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so it's going to be a busy weekend.


Traci's Teaching Times said...

Great week, we've touched on Ben Franklin some this week also dealing with the Constitution. If you have the links to some good videos on him I would like to have them if you don't mind.
Stopping by from the WWU.

Mary said...

Looks like a great week! RS4K seems to have fun experiments. I am currently reading Ben Franklin's autobiography. It's interesting how in his time nouns were always capitalized! It's pretty distracting while reading!