Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Week: Marshmallow Molecules, 100 Days, and Cupcakes

This week seems to have gone by really quickly. My hubby was away in Canada for work so I expected the week to drag by. We were all glad to have him come home Thursday night. Colin was excited to hear about anything hockey he saw while there. He also brought some gifts for the kids.


Colin started running a fever Monday around noon and felt really tired the rest of that day and Tuesday. Thankfully, that's all he got and so far no one else has been sick.

We had a Valentine party with some homeschool friends. The girls decorated these cupcakes for the party.


We also had our 100th day of school (at least it was the 100th day that I've remembered to mark down). It's not something we normally pay attention to, but I got the girls one of those countdown posters at the beginning of the year. We've been really bad about remembering to put the apples on. Molly asked to do it on Monday so I decided I better see how many we had missed. Our state requires I keep an attendance sheet for the kids so I went through and counted the days I had checked and found that Tuesday was the 100th day. Since Colin wasn't feeling well, we waited until Friday to do anything. With the cake left over from the Valentine cupcakes, I made 2 circle cupcakes and a rectangle cake. The kids each decorated one of them and then we put them together to resemble 100.


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We seem to be staying a week behind with our chemistry experiments. This week we made molecules from marshmallows. The girls spent most of their time eating them though. Colin had to fill out things in his lab book to go along with it so he had to do more.




We read the next chapter about chemical reactions.

History and Geography

In history, we read about Isaac Newton, Locke, and changes in farming.

We started learning about Pennslyvania. We'll continue with that next week.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

The girls did a GREAT job on those cupcakes! And I love the marshmallow molecules! Very creative!

Dawn said...

What a great week. My kids love making things out of marshmallows. They can't eat them however(food allergies).

Phyllis said...

Busy, full week! Much to celebrate.

Stef Layton said...

We've been homeschooling for 4 yrs and EVERY SINGLE YEAR - I forget to notice the 100th day. I realize it the day after and think - next year we'll throw a party. SIGH

looks like fun!!