Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ancient Greece

I think I've mentioned before that Colin has been studying ancient Greece. We have only worked on it a couple days a week so it's taken us a while to finish it.

Things he learned about: early Greeks, dark ages, alphabet, stories of Homer, Trojan horse, first Olympics, Sparta, Athens, Greek gods and goddesses, war with Persia, and Alexander the Great. We read or listened to many Greek myths including Hercules, Medusa, Midas and the Golden Touch, and Cyclops.

Here are his notebook pages:

On the left is a map of Greece he filled in, a wheel to spin to see information about the city-states, and the Greek life book (includes info about houses, children, clothing, and entertainment). On the right is a picture of the Cyclops and an Olympic symbols and traditions book (you can open each picture to find info under it).

This is what it looks like when you open the left side:

On the left is a Venn diagram of Athens and Sparta and a book where he wrote about the first Olympics. On the right is a map showing Troy, the Trojan Horse with a flap to lift where he wrote about what was inside, and a booklet where he wrote about Homer.


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