Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day in the Life

I was just going to write the tentative plans I've made for our days, but every time I write it out I can't fit everything in. I don't know how, but somehow it usually works out. I try to keep our schedule so that we have entire days at home, but there are field trips, classes, playdates, errands, travel, etc. that often interrupt us.
I decided to try to keep up with the times everything is happening on Monday, a day when we're not going anywhere.
This is only our 3rd day of school for this year so we're still trying to work everything out. I also haven't finished the kids' chore chart so other than Colin unloading the dishwasher, they are only picking up toys and doing things as I ask them. I thought this would be rather boring, but it turned out to have some surprises.

7:30- I'm up. I'm going to be honest and tell you that most of us are not morning people here. My goal is to eventually be up at this time every day, but many times it's closer to 8:30. This day I just happened to wake up early.

7:45- I'm on computer. Molly is up and complaining that she's tired so she lays on the couch and asks to watch TV. She is also not usually up yet. Colin is the only one who gets up early. I sometimes have to wake the girls at 9.

7:55- Colin is up and getting his breakfast. He likes to eat first thing.

8:45- Molly and I have breakfast

8:55- I've heard Caleigh talking to Colin, but this is the first time I've seen her. She gets her breakfast.

9:10- I get laundry out of the dryer. It's a load from yesterday that I forgot about so I had to turn the dryer back on to try to get out wrinkles. I'll tell you that this is often the way it happen. Then I put towels in dryer and another load of clothes in the washer. My hand gets tired from spraying the stain remover so much. Do they have to stain every single item? The girls are getting dressed, brushing teeth, and fixing hair. Colin has already done this, but I didn't notice when.

9:30- Everyone upstairs to school room. I remind them to feed the poor fish they're always forgetting.
Read aloud time. Here they are waiting.

Read Bible story and books to go along with our map unit study.

10:30- Everyone to the table to do oceans lapbook & Beginning Geography worksheets. In the background you can see that Molly, who still says she's tired, is having some trouble getting off the couch to come to the table.

One of the worksheets is following directions to a treasure and I gave them all a few M&Ms as their treasure.

10:50- Break for Molly; I work with Caleigh doing math; Colin is still doing review sheets so he does math on his own.

11:15- First Language lessons and Spell to Write and Read with Caleigh

11:30- Caleigh has a break; I work with Molly on math and phonograms. Then she practices writing letters in her salt box.

11:50- Both girls on break; Colin copywork; then with me: review phonograms, Writing Tales, we go over math he did earlier correcting anything missed

12:30- Lunch: I help girls get their stuff; Colin makes his own; I get towels out of dryer & move clothes to dryer.

12:45- I sit down to get on computer when I hear Molly say she sees a bug. I go back in to see that we've been invaded by ants during the time we were upstairs. They are all over the floor near the window. I start searching for them and discover there is a small crack at the backdoor that they're coming in. Colin goes out to get the ShopVac and vaccuums them up. I then try to search to find something to get rid of them. I end up spraying Windex all around the outside of the door and I sprinkle cayenne pepper all over the area near the crack in the door (I think I read somewhere that they didn't like that). That will have to do until hubby comes home to take care of it. Now I feel like everything is dirty so I scrub the whole kitchen and lose my free time.
During this time, the kids have run off to play.

2:00- Back upstairs to do history. We're doing a quick review of ancient history to get the girls caught up. We read the intro about what history and archaelogy are and read a couple books about archaeology. Then the kids are supposed to do timelines of their lives. It turns into something crazy and only Colin gets any pictures drawn about his life so I give up.

3:00- Quick clean up of school room/play room and then the kids are free to play.

3:30- I make paste and start cutting paper strips for our paper mache project. Colin unloads the dishwasher, which is normally done earlier in the day, but didn't happen. As you can see here, it's a dangerous job and you should always have your weapon ready.

4:00- Kids' snack; computer time for me and at this point I realize I forgot to eat lunch so I get an orange and some water.

4:30- I go to the kitchen to make spaghetti sauce. After I get everything out, I realize we don't have any garlic so I put everything away and go back to the computer, where I do some lessons plans, check email, facebook, etc.

5:10- Back to kitchen. I put some chicken in the microwave to thaw. The paste is cool so I decide to let the kids start on the project while I'm making dinner. I notice that there is some stuff on the table on the back porch so I go out to clear it off while yelling for the kids to come out. When Colin comes out, I turn around just in time to see him closing the door and I try to tell him not to, but it's too late. The door is locked. We are locked out of the house. I'm not sure when hubby will be home because he had a meeting. Colin tries to search all around for a way to get inside. A wasp gets into the screened in porch so the girls won't come out of the yard even though it's raining.

6:00- Hubby arrives and we are back in the house. I get the chicken out of the microwave and finally start making dinner.

7:00- Dinner & clean up

7:45- I call the kids back out for the paper mache project. I show them what to do and come back in to get on the computer to search for skating classes. After a few minutes, I go back out to check on them and discover that leaving was not a good idea. They have not followed directions, have used almost all the paste for only a few strips of paper, the table is a mess, and the girls have the paste in their hair. I should have taken a pic of this mess, but I was too upset and just sent everyone back in to clean themselves up.
I start cleaning up their mess. I scoop up the paste they spread all over the table and use it to put the strips on the balloon. I finish covering the whole thing, clean up, and bring it in to dry.

9:00- Put kids to bed; I take a shower and then watch a movie with my hubby.

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