Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tomorrow is the day (really, this time it is)

The start of school keeps getting postponed here. Things just keep coming up. Today is the latest in the dates I've set for the first day, but I didn't have time to make the first day of school cake yesterday. Can't have the first day without cake.

When we finished school on June 30, I was sure four weeks would give me enough time to do all the things I wanted before starting school.  This will be our first year to officially have 3 school age kids so I really wanted to have everything planned and organized before we started. Looking back now, I have to wonder what in the world I was thinking. Here's part of my list:
  • unpack and organize the rest of the toys
  • unpack and organize my scrapbook stuff
  • plan history by making an outline, having a list of all go along books separated into what we have and what I need to get from the library, printing coloring pages and maps, planning projects and gathering supplies for them
  • plan astonomy in the same way as history & print lapbook pieces
  • plan unit studies for ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, butterflies, & maps; print lapbook pieces for all
  • choose & plan our Five in a Row books, find go along books, print lapbooks pieces
  • make a plan for art study
  • print math sheets for all the kids
  • make list of chapter books for the year
  • make list of books for Colin and Caleigh to read alone for the year
  • read Spell to Write and Read again to jog my memory on starting with beginners
  • make a planner/record book because I can't find one I like
  • do research to choose a foreign language and a math program for Colin to start when he finishes his current book
  • plan a cooking unit study with a different topic and/or recipe for each week
  • organize and decorate the school room
  • make a timeline for our wall
So tomorrow when we start school, will all of this be done? No way. Will even half of it be done? Not looking like it. Will it all work out anyway? Sure it will. Just like other years, I'll be printing things in the mornings right before we use them, ordering library books with barely enough time to get them before we start that subject, turning the house upside down looking for supplies for our projects, planning unit studies and FIAR books the week before we do them, and reading through lesson plans minutes before having to explain them to the kids. I'm sure that even if it's not as organized and prepared as I would like, it will all be fine. I did get the cake baked for tomorrow. As long as we have the cake, that's all that matters, right?

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