Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Week: Slowing Down and Christmas Activities

I'm feeling burnt out and in need of a break so I decided to make this week more of a review and do Christmas activities.

Christmas Activities

I wanted to make sure we get in some Christmas stuff. After holidays pass, I usually feel bad because we didn't get to read all our books or do projects I wanted. I decided to make sure we have time this year. I divided our Christmas books into themes where possible and we've been taking a day for each theme. We started last week with The Nutcracker.

Monday was all about nativities. We read a lot of good books. The girls made nativities from popsicle sticks. You can see what we did here.

Tuesday was reindeer day. We only had a couple books about reindeer so I added books about all animals to this day. The kids made footprint reindeer and reindeer cupcakes.

Wednesday was The Legend of the Candy Cane. We made candy cane cookies.

Thursday, we had to be out of the house some so we just read books that didn't go with any of the themes.

Friday our theme was Christmas trees and elves. Besides reading books, we made Christmas tree brownies.

We'll continue these theme days next week with gingerbread, The Polar Express, and maybe snowmen.

I'll be posting pictures and more about what we did Tuesday through Friday soon.

Three Rs

Most of our math this week has been reviewing. Molly worked with money and adding numbers on side 2 of the abacus. Caleigh has been doing multiplication practice sheets. Colin is working on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions in Basic College Math.

I've been reviewing phonograms with Caleigh. She's also done some cursive copywork. Molly has continued with her phonics lessons and handwriting.


We're on a break from our history until after New Year's Day.

Colin had his final class for Biology 101 this week. They had a final so he spent some time reading over the material again and studying. He'll begin Biology 102 in January. During his class, the girls decided to spend more time with the horses they have there.


Dawn said...

I like the idea of theme days. It sounds like you are having fun.

Phyllis said...

I like your themed days, too. They make me want to see pictures! :)