Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pirates- Part 2

To go along with our pirate study, the kids decorated cupcakes.

The kids made their own treasure maps. They wadded up a sheet of paper to get it wrinkled. Then they laid it on a pan and poured rootbeer on it. The directions I had said to use tea or coffee, but we don't have those so I picked up a bottle of rootbeer at the store. After a few minutes, they drained it off and dried the paper with a hairdryer. Then they drew their map.

Chad made a map so the kids could go on a treasure hunt in the backyard. Here they are with their map ready to start.

They've found the treasure.

I decorated a box for our treasure chest by cutting up a pirate gift bag and gluing the pictures on the box. Some of the things in our treasure chest: pirate stationary sets, candy bracelets, rings, necklaces, gold mine bubble gum, spyglasses, gold wrapped rolos, Hershey kisses, and inflatable parrots. 




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This looks so much fun. I bet your kids are really enjoying it. Blessings.