Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hill of Fire/ Volcanoes

Our book this week is Hill of Fire. It is set in Mexico. Colin has already done world geography so I'll mostly work with Caleigh when we study different countries. Of course, he's listening in so it's good review for him. His main focus will be volcanoes though. Molly is also listening in and learning.

Geography: Mexico (map, flag), Children Just Like Me

Language Arts: Spanish words and numbers 1-10, vocabulary words, Spanish bingo

Science: volcanoes

We did a demonstration of what's inside the earth by using a hard boiled egg. I cut the egg in half with the shell still on. The shell is the crust, the white is the mantle, and the yolk is the inner and outer core. We made a volcano from chocolate ice cream, strawberry topping, and crushed cookies. It was hard to shape since it was melting, but the kids thought it was so much fun and really enjoyed eating it.


We made a model of a volcano from a kit I bought. The tablets that came with it didn't cause much of an eruption so we tried baking soda and vinegar, which worked better. The kids were thrilled when it started bubbling over.  


Here is Colin's notebook:

Here it is opened some:

It includes ring of fire, what is a volcano, volcanologist, kinds of volcanoes, phases of volcano, labeling inside of volcano, signs volcano will erupt, what's inside the earth, tsunami questions, and richter scale for an earthquake.

Here is Caleigh's notebook:

It has some of the same things about volcanoes plus her vocabulary words, Mexico map, flag, and Spanish words that were in the book.

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