Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Pair of Red Clogs

A Pair of Red Clogs was the girls' book this week.

   We found Japan on our globe and map, discussed which continent it is on, that it is an island, and colored a Japanese flag. We read the Japan section of Children Just Like Me and the Japan book in the Enchantment of the World series. We also found a DVD series called The Little Travelers. It's about two sisters visiting Japan. It was really nice because it showed details of their daily life while living there and learning about the culture. Caleigh really liked it and picked up on a lot of things shown while we were reading our books.

We read a lot of books, but all kids really enjoyed this one called Little Oh. It's about an origami paper doll that comes to life.

Colin was studying other things so even though he listened in much of the time, he didn't do any notebook pages for this. Here are Caleigh's:

Here you can see where she wrote the title of our book and the Japan map book on the left. On the right page are math story problems, an art lesson on action figures, and a weather forecasting book.


When you open it, I put the Japanese flag on the inside and wrote a list of the go-along books we read. You can also see the new words pocket. Caleigh drew a picture to show the meaning of each of the words. The girls used chopsticks to eat their "sushi" and the package gave directions for using them so I included it on the page. On the right, you can see Caleigh's name in Japanese. The bottom one I printed and then she wrote the top one herself.

I wrote about making "sushi" in an earlier post. We just happened to be at the grocery store today while a woman who worked there was making real sushi. We stopped and watched her put it all together and then roll it up. I love when those things work out!

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