Monday, September 5, 2011

Chocolate Unit Study

A chocolate unit study was a great way to start the new year. We used the Download N Go, Chocolate Challenge, and the chocolate unit study from Homeschool Share.

We read lots of books about chocolate and we listened to the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Each day we read about a different chocolatier and sampled some of their chocolate. We did some fraction math with the Hershey bars and the girls graphed using M&Ms (pictures in our weekly wrap-up).

Chocolate to sample

We talked about Brazil, rainforests, cacao trees, and the history of chocolate. The kids sampled rainforest foods, including pineapple, coconut, mango, sweet potato, limes, lemons, avocado, kiwi, and plantains. They had tried plantains raw before and didn't like them. This time I fried them and they ate the whole thing. They said it tasted like french fries.

Rainforest books and products

We ordered this kit that included ingredients to make your own chocolate.

Molly showing us the kit

Colin mixing the chocolate

Finished chocolate

The kit also included 2 cacao beans. They tried them, but quickly spit it out.

Caleigh with the cacao beans

Last month the girls got to go to a chocolate factory when we were in Maine, but Colin missed it because he was at hockey camp so we just had to go to another shop during our chocolate week. They were so nice there and showed the kids how they melt the chocolate, how they dip things in chocolate, and how they make fudge.

Outside the candy shop

Showing them how they dip in the chocolate.

Caleigh is holding the huge chocolate bars they get for melting.

Molly and Caleigh in front of the candy making area.

Waiting for the fudge to cool. It's on the left side of the table. That's peanut butter on top of it.

Mixing the fudge

Notebook pages: lapbook pieces from DNG and Homeschool Share. The orange is a piece of cardstock I had to add for an extension so we could fit it all on there.


The Cadbury Dairy Milk was Colin's favorite candy that they sampled so he put the wrapper in there. The girls both liked Lindt white chocolate truffles best. The picture of chocolates next to it is from the store where we did our field trip. On the bottom is his own candy bar creation. He had to write what he would put in it and name it. He named it The Whoo Hoo Bar. He even put a slogan on his wrapper: The candy bar that makes you go whoo hoo. Molly called hers the Whip Bar.

With the extension open

Caleigh didn't want to come up with her own candy idea, but she decided to make this cacao tree.

Those are cacao pods covering the trunk becasue we learned they grow there too.

To celebrate the end of our week, we had a little party and watched the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had Brazilian lemonade to drink. It was actually made with limes and the kids loved it. The whole pitcher was gone the same evening. We also had chocolate fondue with lots of yummy things to dip in it.

Brazilian lemonade, chocolate fondue, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, graham crackers, pretzels, apples, and pound cake.


Little Badgers Academy said...

What a wonderful way to start new school year! Love all the chocolate and projects that you did. Looks like an amazing start!

Simply Taunya said...

An awesome way to start the year!

Gidget said...

That is probably the coolest unit study that I've ever seen :) Recently I've been thinking about trying a unit study and this might be just the thing to get a taste (hehe) for it. Thanks for sharing!

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Promise Christian Academy said...

Wow! What great fun! I want to go to school at your house! :-) I like that you made you notebooking pages in a spiral bound book.. Neat idea!

Dawn said...

Awesome!What a wonderful unit study. I wish I could have been one of your students last week.

Jennifer said...

That looks like the most fun unit study ever and what a fun wrap up!

Rhen @Yes, they are all mine said...

Oh my gosh, I would be in serious trouble if we did that chocolate study! LOL
The outing to the chocolate shop would definitely be my favorite. :) You have inspired my to get out our fondue pot for some chocolate fun.
Great post!

Carrie said...

Visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop! This unit looks fun and delicious! I've done unit studies by Amanda Bennett - how does Homeschool Share compare to hers? Similar? I'm seriously considering this one! Thanks so much for sharing all that you did!

Malea said...

WOW! That looks like such a FUN unit study! Maybe I'll do something like that with my ds...he loves chocolate and is a little bit of a chocolate gourmand! LOL!

Here from the Hop!

SarahElisabeth said...

Love this. I told my children and they are very keen to try something similar! Perhaps before the holidays.

MomLaur said...

Does that ever look like some delicious fun! Totally going to do this! (visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop)

Marsha S said...

sure sounds good to me! chocolate....the way to my heart.

The Adventurer said...

Yummy chocolate. Love all your ideas we may have to do a chocolate unit study real soon:)

Phyllis said...

What a fabulous and thorough study!

Amanda Bennett said...

So glad that you all enjoyed Chocolate Challenge, and thanks for sharing your adventure! Love the post and the pictures of your beautiful clan!

Amanda B.