Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Week: Field Trips, Pilgrims, and Vermont

I'm glad we had so much time at home last week because this week has been busy. We also have a busy weekend planned.
Colin had hockey practice on Monday and Wednesday.
Tuesday we went on a field trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch. It was a beautiful fall day and we had so much fun. The kids loved feeding all the animals.



Thursday we went to see Seussical at the Children's Theatre. It was great, one of the best plays we've seen! Unfortunately, pictures aren't allowed during the show so this is all I have. The costumes were really good though.


Colin also had his science class on Thursday afternoon.

Today we went for a walk on the trails in our neighborhood to enjoy the wonderful fall weather.




We also went to the Carolina BalloonFest. We had been once before and really liked it, but today was even better. Last time it was windy so lots of the balloons didn't go up. This time we got to see all 50 balloons.



Tomorrow morning Colin has hockey practice. We're going to Trunk or Treat with my moms' group in the afternoon.

We plan to go to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday.

We did manage to fit in some school work. We're still observing our caterpillars, which have grown quite a bit.


We continued studying the Pilgrims. We read a lot more books, did notebook pages, and made corn cookies. (I'll make a post soon with all the things we did.)
We also read about the Dutch coming to the New World and settling in what they called New Amsterdam.

We finished reading about Vermont and did the maps and coloring page for the binders. We read about how maple syrup is made. The kids had maple floats as a treat. They must have been good because they've asked for them every day since.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, my! That first photo is a riot! LOL

Wow! You did a lot this week! Great outdoor stuff!

Hot air balloons are SO beautiful!

I've seen Suessical advertised here and there this year. Perhaps we should go see it!

Phyllis said...

Wonderful photos! I especially love the rainbow in the fountain. Sounds like you had a great week!

MissMOE said...

You been really out and about enjoying life. I think seeing all those balloons would be wonderful

Lisa said...

Wow! What an awesome week! Great photos! What wonderful experiences you are sharing with your children! :-) Hope the rest of your week is as great!

Tettelestai said...

Oh what great pictures!! I had to seriously laugh at the cow pick. I have seen that up close a few times, and I could actually hear that noise ;-) Stopping by from HHH.