Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Week: Ants, Library Cards, and the Lake

This hasn't been the best week as far as getting work done. I haven't felt well and haven't had much motivation so the kids haven't been motivated either. Caleigh has also been complaining a lot that writing hurts her hand. I guess it's the way she's holding the pencil, but I can't get her to try other ways.

When I looked back to write this post, I was surprised to find we actually did more than I would have thought.

For science we finished chapter 12 in Zoology 1 by reading about flies, mosquitoes, and true bugs.
We started on chapter 11, learning about ants.

Doing an experiment to determine which area of our yard has more bugs.

We've continued observing our ladybugs and saw them change from pupae to adults.


To go along with studying ants, we did the Five in a Row book, Truman's Aunt Farm. We still need one more day to finish it. So far we've learned about homonyms, read lots of ant books, made an anthill cake, and done some lapbook pieces.

Anthill cake with ants (chocolate sprinkles) inside

In history we read about Samuel Champlain and the settlement of what is now Quebec. We also read about Henry Hudson's search for the Northwest Passage.

We started learning about New Hampshire, but weren't able to finish. We did learn that they had the first free library. To go along with that, the girls got their own library cards for the first time. Molly was so excited about it.


We spent Friday afternoon at a beach area of the lake with some friends. The kids got soaked and filthy as you can see below.

Molly insisted Colin needed this shirt and said he should wear it everyday.



Dawn said...

It sounds like a wonderful week.

Mary said...

Fun! My little guy needs that t-shirt too!