Thursday, October 13, 2011

State Study: New Hampshire

Our second state to study was New Hampshire. We've only driven through it when going to Maine so we didn't know much about it.

Books we read

Pages for binders



Molly (she decided to change the flag a bit)

Colin made New Hampshire easy apple pie. He really liked it and ate almost the whole thing.

One thing we learned was that the first public library was in NH. We decided to get the girls their own library cards in honor of that. Molly was so excited all day. While the librarian was putting the information in the computer, she kept bouncing around asking how much longer until she got her card. She couldn't wait to scan her own card and check out books on her own. Caleigh didn't seem to think it was as exciting, but she has wanted to check out books on her card each time we've been to the library since.


Very excited girl picking out books

See this post for more information on resources we're using and the worksheets.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Have you driven through the White Mountains national forest? Beautiful! And fun - if you like nature. We love going! (We should get there more often! LOL)

How exciting - library cards!!!

Sarah said...

No, we haven't. We've only been through one time. Maybe we'll get back someday. We're in NC so it's a long way.

Laurie said...

Those are all great books! Looks like a great study- I also love the coloring pages. Are they all from Crayola? We also love to tie food in to our studies. :)

Sarah said...

Just the one with the bird and flag. See this post, for links to others.

Phyllis said...

You are going to have wonderful collection of state studies by the end of the year! Love your books!