Friday, January 29, 2010

Word Game

I decided to put Spell to Write and Read aside for a while with Caleigh and go back to The Ordinary Parents' Guide to Reading. I've used SWR for 4 years with Colin and I like many things about it. Colin struggled to learn to read until we started it. Every kid is different though so I have to make decisions based on each one. SWR throws a lot of information at you at once. Caleigh already reads well, but I didn't feel that her reading was advancing as quickly as it could because we were spending so much time concentrating on the spelling. We will go back to SWR later though. 

To review all the things that say the long a sound, we played a game suggested in OPGTR. Caleigh really likes when we have these. I wrote words on index cards. Then I would read a sentence telling her to do something, but leave out the word on the index card for her to read. Then she would have to take the index card and stick it on the correct things. One of them was "put this card on something that shakes." So Caleigh took the shakes card to search for something. I heard Molly ask her what she was doing. When she told her, Molly said, "My booty shakes."  They returned like this.

At the end of the game, Caleigh looked like this with cards for her brain, waist, and veins.

We had to think of one for Colin too since the game was already distracting him from his math.

Yes, my girls are wearing pajamas in the middle of the day while doing school. :)

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